About us

Near the Parvis de Saint-Gilles

Our Story

The Comptoir Belge opened in 2015. Located on Avenue Jean Volders, in one of the most beautiful streets in Saint-Gilles, the shop is recognisable by its rounded front, a nice reference to old grocery shops. Since day one, we have been committed to offering you the know-how of our local craftsmen, through a selection of traditional products while regularly seeking out and supporting new projects.

I welcome you

Gilles (from Saint-Gilles)

Having been fed on bodding since I was very young, my interest in Belgium has only grown with time! Having written a memorable essay on Belgium in the sixth grade and much later hosting a web radio devoted to Made in Belgium music, I didn’t hesitate for long when the opportunity to run my own black-yellow-red grocery shop arose.


What motivates me day after day is to be able to meet those who devote their lives to doing their best to delight our palates and excite our taste buds. By knowing their background and their products, I can tell you their story and give you the best advice according to your desires and tastes. More than just a sales area, I want the Comptoir Belge to continue to be a meeting place for gourmets, whether they are actors or consumers. This shop of my dreams is also yours! It is with great pleasure that I open the doors to you. Lovers of the pleasures of the table, from here or elsewhere, are welcome!

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